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The Rural East Adams Coalition for Health

Working to educate, empower, and support healthy communities in East Adams County.

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Supported Projects

What We Are Doing

REACH has been able to obtain grant funding to help support its efforts. Projects that REACH is currently supporting include:

  • A Dropoff Box for Unused Prescription Medications (at the Adams County Sheriff's Office in Ritzville)

  • Continuing Community Forums on Alcohol & Drug Issues in Adams County

  • Lind Summer-Youth-Camp Day

  • Marijuana Youth-Education Program

  • The Ritzville "Learning Garden"

  • The Grant/Adams/Lincoln Parent Coalition for DD/Special Needs

  • A Link-Crew Peer-Monitoring Program at Lind-Ritzville High School

  • Adams County Sheriff's Office "Deputy Trading Cards"

  • "No Smoking/No Vaping" Signage in Children's Play Areas in Lind, Ritzville, and Washtucna (shown here)

No Smoking|No Vaping Playground Signs

And we are always on the look-out for other worthy projects in aid of better community health and welfare. If you have an ongoing project of that sort, or have an idea for something in which we could participate, please let us know about it.

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